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Press Release : Cooking Healthy,wholesome meals for Ramadhan with Norwegian Fjord Trout

Cooking Healthy, Wholesome Meals for Ramadan with Norwegian Fjord Trout During Ramadan it is particularly important to eat foods that are safe and rich in nutrients to keep your energy levels up, your mental focus clear and your body running optimally throughout the day.
The Norwegian Fjord Trout can be a vital part of your diet during this time as it is high in protein and full of antioxidants and essential omega 3 fats.  It is an important ingredient to consider in cooking for berbuka puasa and sahur.
According to "Alexandra Prahabaran, a certified nutritionist, Norwegian Fjord Trout is ideal for cooking healthy, balanced and wholesome meals during Ramadan.  The protein-rich trout will help prevent hunger and fatigue till it’s time for berbuka puasa.  Healthy omega 3 fats in it will boost mental focus too."

Alexandra shares recipes and tips on how to cook Norwegian Fjord Trout, turning out delectable dishes with it in the shortest time.

“The Norwegian Fjord Trout has become a p…

Burn Belly Fat with Norwegian Fjord Trout

Eat more Norwegian Fjord Trout during Ramadan for overall well-being During the fasting month it is important to eat foods with essential vitamins and nutrients to keep your energy levels up, your mental focus clear and your body running optimally throughout the day.  Norwegian Fjord Trout is one fresh ingredient that can boost your overall health during this time.

Protein is a must
It can be tempting to sleep in and to skip sahur or to just grab a quick convenient bite but paying close attention to what you eat during this time can make a big difference in how you feel overall. "Eating protein-rich foods such as Fjord Trout will prevent hunger and tissue breakdown and will keep your mind focused till it’s time to break fast."
Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. It helps to build and repair tissues, make enzymes and hormones and it’s the essential building block of bones, muscle, cartilage and blood.  A diet high in protein will ensure you feel full and …