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Cooking competition: Cabaran Raja Kuah Knorr 2016

Hello everyone... Have you heard of Kiub Ayam Knorr? I love to cook all my dishes with added touch of Kiub ayam & daging by Knorr.

I was invited as a social media representative to watch live Cooking Competition CABARAN RAJA KUAH KNORR.
Event: Grand Finale, Cabaran Raja Kuah Knorr 2016
Date : 9 December 2016
Venue : MAEPS, MAHA Serdang
Judges : Chef Jo, UFS Chef Mohd Hadzrin Mohd Din and food bloggers Nor ariffin Hamzah & Ruzita Idias Ismail

It was totally my first time watching live cooking show and watching Chef Jo, (in front of my eyes) the malaysian favourite judges of MasterChef Malaysia. Thank you Unilever Food Solution for the invitation especially to Angeline from UFS. I totally forgot to take a picture with her...she was a very nice and warm person.

After months of regional competition in all four corners of Peninsular Malaysia, only 4 finalists from 4 major regions in Malaysia battle it out to grab prizes worth of RM 144,000. Wow!!! 

The Grand Prize winner will walk away wit…