Monday, December 19, 2016

5 reasons Why You Feel Fat even if you don't

Hello...good morning to all beYOUtiful people. Harini Sue teringin nak masukkan cerita body image insecurities ni. Well I was one of them back in my teenage years 1998 - 2001.

 I was in one of top school, all girls school in Petaling Jaya. There you can find all those beautiful girls, models look a like, artists and young celebrities everywhere in school. As an ordinary teenager, I weigh at 45kg with 153cm height but I have a pear shape figure. My bottom part of my body was larger than my upper body. I was a 33inch - 24inch - 37inch body type. People will tell me that I look fat just because I have a bigger bottom even I weigh at 45kg & my Body Mass Index just 18.

I was in depressed for 5 years and I ate only vegetables and fish. I got severe gastric and ulcer due to my bad eating habit. But still....I feel FAT. Do you get me? Are you in the same boat as me?

As I grew up and reach the age of 25 and was about to get married to a person who love me as I was. I weigh at 51kg during my wedding day with the same 33inch - 24 inch - 37inch body measurement. I was HAPPY because even I put on 6kg of weight, someone still appreciate and love me.
                      "BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder"

 I learn that 5 reasons why you're feeling FAT even you ARE NOT FAT.

1. You are SAD
Sad people they tend to absorb more negative energy from outside. In the long run it will drag you into depression.

2. You don't exercise
""Exercise releases the endorphin. Endorphin helps you to feel happy. So....happy woman they don't kill their husband."
Well this is a script from a movie where Reese Witherspoon acted as a lawyer in Legally Blonde. 
It is true though. Happy person they are happy and content with their life.

3. You eat junk food instead of real food.
Ice cream pasu, mee baldi, burger dinosaur meleleh, super sweet cakes, desserts, fastfood, food additives, food colouring, toxins and all unhealthy comfort food that you ate....define who you are and define your mental stability.

4. You don't have positive and supportive friends and families.
To live a healthy lifestyle, you need to find a positive environment and befriends with positive people. Ditch all your negative friends, negative thoughts and negative surroundings. 

5. You are spiritually imbalance.
As a should know that by now to not seek people's attention because it will exhaust you. Seek for Allah's attention and you will find your inner peace. 

"Beauty will fade....but your personality will capture the hearts of other people"

For the record... I am 55kg at the age of 32 with body figure of 36inch - 25inch - 39inch after bearing 2 lovely daughters and I am happy with my life. Learn to accept your flaws and you shall find peace.

Salam sayang,
Suhaili Isa