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5 reasons Why You Feel Fat even if you don't

Hello...good morning to all beYOUtiful people. Harini Sue teringin nak masukkan cerita body image insecurities ni. Well I was one of them back in my teenage years 1998 - 2001.

 I was in one of top school, all girls school in Petaling Jaya. There you can find all those beautiful girls, models look a like, artists and young celebrities everywhere in school. As an ordinary teenager, I weigh at 45kg with 153cm height but I have a pear shape figure. My bottom part of my body was larger than my upper body. I was a 33inch - 24inch - 37inch body type. People will tell me that I look fat just because I have a bigger bottom even I weigh at 45kg & my Body Mass Index just 18.

I was in depressed for 5 years and I ate only vegetables and fish. I got severe gastric and ulcer due to my bad eating habit. But still....I feel FAT. Do you get me? Are you in the same boat as me?

As I grew up and reach the age of 25 and was about to get married to a person who love me as I was. I weigh at 51kg during my w…