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Hello September 2016

Hello September!!! I am looking forward to this month actually. My husband birthday falls in September. I can't wait to make a super surprise for him.

May September will be super good to all of us. Speaking about how excited I am for September, we had a special business training for Premium Beautiful agents. About 40 people attended TDC Free business training on how to generate extra income as Premium Beautiful Expert. Syukur alhamdulillah that I have been given extraordinary energy despite of my worsen health condition due to bad haze recently. 

So....let's see what happened yesterday yaaa!!! Training was conducted by  Diamond Sales Manager (DSM)Aini Talib and Crown Diamond Manager (CDM)Shaliza aziz, TDC founder. For those still wondering what is DSM & CDM; DSM is a person who managed to generate RM 180,000 and CDM is a person who managed to generate sales RM 2 million. CDM is more likely as a CEO of a company with minimum income RM 20,000 monthly.

We learnt a lot of technic…