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Blokke Citta Mall

Hello....June is here!!! New month and of course new target. May you have a wonderful month and of course Ramadhan is just nearby.

Ok this entry, Sue nak share about Blokke Cafe which dedicated to Lego fans!!!! You all boleh makan kek, have a coffee and also play Lego for free. Yipppeeee!!! For sure kids la yang paling happy sebab ada indoor playground.

Blokke Cafe which is located at 1st Floor Citta Mall, is owned by local artist and also TV host Jalan-jalan Cari Makan; Naz Ahmad & his wife. 

Konsep kafe ni lebih kepada snack, dessert, coffee & tea. Tiada makanan berat untuk lunch or dinner..Ruang kafe sangat luas dan selesa. See...sangat luaskan? 

Oh...and there is an indoor playground area for your kids too. Hehehehe kalau you all nak pergi tengok movie kat MBO cinema di tingkat 2, boleh tinggal anak2 dalam indoor playground. Hahahhahaha.....Admission fee is RM 15 per child.

A few virtual tour of the cafe,

Jom tengok antara menu dessert yang kami cuba ialah waffle. Sebenarnya, Su…