Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fashion Tips for Pear Shape Girl

It is quite hard to find a perfect style for a pear-shaped girl. Pear shaped definition, your lower part body is larger than your upper body. If you think of a pear, than you can imagine it.

So I have tried to mix and match my day to day outfit to balance my body shape. Thank you Premium Beautiful lingerie for helping me in a way to balance my body figure. Premium beautiful long girdle has the effect to shape your thigh and pelvic area. It helps to burn fat stored at your lower part body.

If you have a pear shape body, make sure you find an outfit which accentuate your upper body or draw attention towards the upper body part with accessories, bright colour outfit or pattern blouse. Opt for darker colour shade for jeans, skirt or pants.

Buy bootcut jeans because it helps to balance your leg shape and also wear wedges heel to increase your height. No acid wash jeans or big pocket on your jeans. It will only draw attention to your bum and make it look even bigger and wider.

So I try to experiment with my current collection of outfit. Here I put on chequered blouse and bootcut jeans to balance my wide hips. Wear satin blouse and scarfs to create balance look and smart finish.

Hope it will help you all to find suitable outfit for day to day activities. Make sure you try on Premium Beautiful to reshape your waistline and hips.

Be bold, be beautiful
Suhaili Isa