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5 minutes Makeup Tips- for busy mom


As a busy mom doing housechores, handling two kids and juggling online business with freelance job; I don't have much time for myself even to go out for manicure and pedicure. Alhamdulillah I found a way to zass up my look with a quick makeup tips with only 3 beauty products. ( face serum, CC cream and lipstick)

No.1: Invest in good face serum ( I choose La Praise Vitalift Serum - botanical serum)

Fungsi La praise serum ni melembutkan kulit muka Sue yang kasar dan mula berkedut. Sue try serum ni lepas seorang kawan sarankan guna serum. Dalam masa seminggu nampak perubahan kulit muka makin halus, tegang,bercahaya dan pipi mula kemerah-merahan macam consume kolagen. Sue tak pernah ambil kolagen lagi setakat ni. 

What you need to do is just spray onto your face after washing your face and massage slowly. No need to use moisturizer and toner. 

No.2: Change your BB cream to CC Cream ( I use Cozuma CC cream)

Kenapa Sue pilih CC cream cozuma? Disebabkan Sue tak punya banyak ma…