Saturday, February 21, 2015

I am officially 31 years old

Alhamdulillah, 20th February 2015 menambahkan setahun umur lebih tua dari tahun lepas. Suprisingly, 10 years back, i was scared thinking what would I be when I reach 31 years old.

Here I am now, i am proud to be :

1. Married for 5 years++ and ongoing to the man whom loved me through thick and thin.

2. I have 2 beautiful daughters. Teman bergaduh, bergurau, dan penyambung zuriat kami.

3. I quit my hectic job which i had went through all the suffering and tears for 7 years .

4. I started my own online business and alhamdulillah it shows exponential growth within 1 year.

5. I am more healthy. No more migrains, gastric, tiredness. I feel young even at 31 years old.

6. I feel more beautiful, organise, well groom.

7. I can take care my own kids, work at home and still earning paycheck of more than what I received back then when I was an engineer.

8. I am happy that I could perform my prayers on time and always put my trust in Allah SWT. I put Allah as my top priority.

9. I could give more to other people in needs and I learn to be persistent and never give up.

10. I chase my own dreams, build my own wealth for my family with the help of Doa & Allah. Biar hidup kita berjaya, kaya, dunia & akhirat.

Semoga kita semua bergembira dengan rezeki umur yang Allah berikan. Gunakan setiap saat hidup dengan membantu orang dan beribadat kepada Allah.

Salam sayang,

Suhaili Isa