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Street Food: Padang Besar Thailand


Sue baru je pulang daripada bercuti di kampung suami di Perlis. 5 hari menghabiskan cuti akhir tahun bersama keluarga mertua dan keindahan kampung. Bagi Sue yang tak pernah merasa kampung rumah kayu, sungai dan bendang...experience pulang ke Perlis memang sangat berharga. Sungai berhadapan rumah mertua.

Ok sebenarnya nak cerita pengalaman makan "street food" di Padang Besar Thailand. Kami cuba daging bakar, pulut, kerabu ayam dan pastinya minum teh ais atau "chai yen". Lokasi warung halal ni berdekatan dengan pasar raya yuan seng di Padang Besar Thailand.

Haa...mula-mula rasa was-was nak makan kat sini, tapi kawan baik suami dan ayahnya kata warung ni sedap dan sama sedap makanannya seperti di Danok. Jadi lepas je kami shopping barang keperluan di pasar raya dan pasar pagi Padang Besar, terus kami tuju warung ni.

Nah...nak tau tak apa yang kami order? Sebenarnya kami pun tak faham menu yang ditulis dan pemilik warung ni pasangan islam Thailand yang t…

BOTOX Cream: Bioever Plus

Have you heard about Bioever plus??
It is the 1st age reversing cream in the whole world which use Japanese Long life Grass as an active ingredient to help fight aging skin in less than 1 minute. Can you believe it??

Here is the prove...we tested on a woman on 50 years old age.

Can you spot the difference? You only need 1 squeeze of bioever plus and apply twice a day on targeted area for excellent result.

So what is Japanese Long life grass?
It is an anti aging herbs which is only grown and produce in Okinawa Japan nearby the sea. Okinawa people has been using this grass in their skincare regime and healthcare regime. Okinawa has the longest life rate in the world for a person.

What is the benefits of Bioever Plus?
Bioever plus not only for anti ageing purpose. It can be used as:
1. Reduce period pain
2. Enhance blood circulation
3. Reduce backache
4. Reduce thyroid problem
5. Uplift and reduce fine lines
6. Helps in increasing metabolism
7. Helps eliminate water retention
8. Helps to increase pregn…

Premium Beautiful Murah : Discount RM 600 - RM 1500

Good News!!! Our Year End Sales for Premium Beautiful Body shaping lingerie is here!!!

1 set of Premium Beautiful you will get :

3. Discount RM 450++

Total savings of RM 600 ++

10 sets of Premium Beautiful you will get :

1. CASH REBATE RM 2000++
2. Cash BONUS RM 3000++
3. Discount RM 4000++

Total savings of : RM 9000-RM 10,000
Total profits : RM 30,000 - RM 40,000 in 3 months
Monthly bonus of : RM 2000 - RM 6000 average

Method of payment ???
1. Credit card
2. Cash
3. Rhb easy installment as low as RM 70/month
4. Aeon installment as low as RM 95/month

Hurry up!!! Ask me more on Premium Beautiful Year End Promotion at 012-6842560.

Be bold, be beautiful
Suhaili Isa

For those looking for Extra Income : I'm recruiting new entrepreneur

Assalamualaikum everyone, it has been awhile since I last updated my blog. Yes, my schedule packed with business appointments, business training, coaching new business recruits and also family matters.

Alhamdulillah we are in the last month of 2015, December 2015. For the past few weeks, we have been experiencing sudden increase in our daily expenses..

1. Price increase for LRT & ERL fares
2. No more subsidies for cooking oil
3. No more subsidies for rice
4. Adjustment for electricity tariff
5. GST & other taxes

We can do nothing to prevent these from happened but one thing for sure, we can do something to overcome the situation follow what Tun Dr Mahathir once told us to do. " Dalam menuju tahun 2020, Siapa yang berusaha lebih, orang itu akan hidup menuai hasil yang banyak"

So...if you are keen to do extra income up to RM 6000 every month, I am offering you life transformation opportunities with online business support by our dynamic team The Diamond Circle online expertise…