Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Premium Beautiful; your body, your confidence

Your body, Your treasure

The physical structure of women is different in shapes and sizes. Therefore, Premium Beautiful recognizes these differences by offering a unique product that makes every woman's dream body comes true. This ergonomically designed body shaper allows every woman to own a beautiful body curve.

Your Body, Your Health

Premium beautiful does not only shape and curve your body, its high quality fabric promotes healthy blood circulation,increase metabolism and help slimming effectively. This is the due to techonology of Far Infra Red is woven into the fabric of highest quality.

Your Body, Your Confidence

With Premium Beautiful, you need NO pills, medication,surgery,exercise and expensive theraphy to look slimmer and curvy. You will boost your confidence as it promotes smooth body curves by contouring unsightly fat to desired body parts.


Premium beautiful classic in black series:
1. Repositions misaligned fat and refines body contour.
2. Gives immediate body shaping and body lifting effects.
3. Result in 1-6 months.

Premium beautiful elegance in grey series:
1. Locks misaligned fat upon repositioning.
2. Maintains contoured body with greater flexibility and comfort.
3. Continue to see result after 7 months.

What makes Premium Beautiful Unique?

Premium beautiful classic long bra has:
1. unique pyramid shape cup to enhance blood circulation around the nipple  area.
2. Delicate U shape design sculpts and shapes a sleek back contour.
3. Frontal and central bi-layer compressed and flatten the stomach.

Classic Waist Nipper:
1. Helps to flatten the stomach area.
2. Reduce back pain and slip disc
3. The 3 pair hook and eye for better adjustability

                             Classic Long Girdle :
         1. Stretchable lace to prevent roll up and unnatural thigh line.
         2. The unique love shaped buttock cup lifts and firms up sagging buttock.

Classic vs Elegance, which one wins your heart???

New innovation!!! Premium Beautiful Elegance
1. Look stunning with a lovely body contour.

2. Total comfort anf 360 flexibility fabric allows free movement.

3. Superior high quality fabric,lightweight and highly stretchable allows air ventilation and heat reduction.

4. Ergonomically safe, innovative elegant design woven with FIR promotes better blood circulation while shaping the body.

So ladies, ask me for FREE TRIAL NOW!! Save RM 800 with every purchase of 2 sets Premium Beautiful and stand a chance to win a PRADA handbag worth RM 5000. 

Suhaili Isa,