Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GOLD COAST Aku Datang....

OMG...OMG...OMG... I dah isi form nak fly pegi Gold Coast, Australia 2 months from now.
Tak sabarnye..it is my 1st trip with GLAM after doing this business. All expenses macam tiket flight, penginapan hotel 5 star, transportation disediakan oleh company. Just bawak duit utk shopping je. Eh rasanya duit shopping pon company yang bagi.

Jom tengok facts about Gold Coast Australia.

 1. Gold Coast has a mild, sub-tropical climate, with consistent temperatures year-round, with an average high of 29 degrees C in January and 21 degrees in July. The winter months tend to have little rainfall, while the summer has frequent storms originating from the west. (Ok Time Februari nanti musim panas so pakai baju biasa jelah)

2. There are well over 30 beaches stretching a total of 40km. Always swim between the flags. The flags have been lined up with the safest parts of the beach and are patrolled by lifesavers. If you do get into trouble or feel yourself being pulled out of your depth by a "rip", don't try to swim against the water. Swim parallel to the beach and raise your hand to attract the attention of a lifesaver.(Ok Korang jangan berani nak masuk laut, ombak besar)

3.  Orchard Avenue, Cavill Avenue and Elkhorn Avenue in Surfers Paradise also has a selection of high-end to mid-range shops and boutiques (Prada, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace Jeans and Collection, UGG Australia and high-end watchmakers, such a Mont Blanc, Rolex and Chopard). Be careful of counterfeit products in Surfers Paradise, such as faux fur, faux leather gloves and bags and fake Louis Vuitton merchandise. Oddly enough the real Louis Vuitton boutique is just next door to the counterfeit shops on Elkhorn Avenue!
ok Gold Coast terletak dekat dgn Brisbane yee...

Gold Coast the surfer paradise

Berani ke nak naik bot ni?
So dah tengok fakta about Gold Coast, now kita tengok apa menarik di Gold Coast. Selain tempat tarikan untuk peminat-peminat surfing, Gold Coast juga terkenal dgn theme park yang menarik. Jom tengok roller coaster apa ada kat Gold Coast.
Saya rasa naik ni mesti muntah hijau

Ni lagi la seumur hidup xpenah naik roller coaster
Wah..yang ni I suka

Movie WB World

 Selain theme park, dan shopping mall yang best, Gold Coast juga ada simpanan rain forest yang sangat mearik untuk dilawati. Jom check nature park diorang.

Jom tengok Gold Coast di kala malam hari.

Bercahaya from above...

Semoga diberikan oleh Allah kesihatan yang baik sebelum pegi Gold Coast ni. Next trip ke mana plak uollss rasa GLAM akan berjalan??? Jom kita tengok hint.

Pegi Barcelona ke?

Venice Italy?

Rome Italy?
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Salam sayang semua...kita jumpa esok dengan entry yang lain ok.