Friday, October 4, 2013

Mineral Coffee a unique taste a cup of coffee could be

ŪHi everyone,
How do you like your coffee to be early in the morning? I love mine to be full of aroma until it can be smell from a distance. I like mine which is not too sweet and not too bitter.

How about I offer to you a coffee which has unique salty creamy taste? Salty coffee?? U can't find this unique coffee at Starbuck,Coffee bean or your favourite coffee shop.

Introducing the MINERAL COFFEE which is made of :
a) selected high quality robusta coffee bean
b) bamboo salt

What is the benefits of MC?
a) it has high antioxidant - does your regular coffee has this benefit which is good for younger looking skin?

b) it is rich with minerals from bamboo salt such as magnesium,iron,calcium and potassium

c) it revitalises energy and tiredness

d) it eases tension.

So why u need other coffee and not this mineral coffee? Do contact me for business opportunities. Suhaili 012-6842560.