Monday, November 18, 2013

GLAM Gala Dinner & MUT21

Assalam everyone,

It has been a very busy week for me and #thediamondcircle. We started the November with Majlis Ulangtahun 21 on the 9th Nov khas untuk celebrate the achievement of 28 Crown Diamond Managers of 2013. One of them was CDM shaliza aziz my leader who achieved the highest rank in just 2years time.

What made i so proud in this business was the 98% majority bumiputera yg dah naik pangkat as CDM. Terus terbakar semangat nak jugak achieve the highest rank by 31years old.

On that day jugak Premium Beautiful Elegance was launched. Modeled by Dani Maia brazillian model uolls. Premium beautiful elegance material is more comfortable & flexible.

Not only that, we have MISHA OMAR in da house utk that day performance.... sangat gorgeous uolls.

Sebelah malam pulak we continued the celebration dgn GLAM Gala dinner dengan tema Hollywood Oscar Night.

Best uolls dengan sajian candy buffett, 5 courses western meal, live band of the night,awesome lucky draw prizes & best dressed awards.

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