Tuesday, October 22, 2013

GLAM Activities 1st October - 22 October

Assalam and Hi everyone,

I had a few busy weeks back then, on the 3rd of October I met up with CDM Shaliza Aziz on Personal Tutoring about business sharing and how to do presentation. A lot of info has been passed by CDM shaliza aziz to me and my business teammate Zureen. It was such a cosy place to do discussion and Personal Tutoring.
Personal Tutoring @ Coffeebean TTDI with CDM Shaliza Aziz

Then I had a few product sharing with clients who wanted to buy Mineral Coffee. Met client from Japan who I met accidently at KK Supermarket while she was looking for 2 in 1 instant coffee. Seriuosly it is hard to find 2 in 1 Instant coffee in Malaysia so I recommend her Mineral Coffee & guess what she really loves the coffee.
With Eriko at Lemongrass Bukit Jalil

On the 13th of October, I attended Dynamic Entreprenuer Program and Seminar organized by GLAM at Setia City Convention Center. It was a good seminar and good speaker from Mr Winston Wong a multi millionaire. I was glad to be in GLAM business because they provide classes, training and seminars.
Mr Winston Wong a multi millionaire by Network Marketing

GLAM Group seminar thank you CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain

My group - Thediamondcircle (We work together in a team) Thank you CDM Sha Khalid, CDM Shaliza Aziz & DDM Norain Nizar

This is me calling clients for business opportunities

To be success you need knowledge - so here we are for knowledge

It was a great day even though it was held on Sunday but I had a productive weekend with my family and my business. Every Friday night  GLAM will organize classes for knowledge sharing & motivation class. Topic of the night are a) Building namelist, b) Business Sharing
Thediamondcircle- Class at TTDI

Finally I was glad & thankful that both CDM Shaliza Aziz & DDM Norain Nizar accompanied me to power close client during business meeting at Old Town Kopitiam Prima Gombak. Thank you CDM Shaliza & DDM Norain. A lot of activities will be held on November and I can't wait to spill it out to u out there.

Hey, if you like to join us as our business partner, Do contact me at  012-6842560 SUHAILI for business sharing or Product Sharing. I am glad to help you out. Love u all !!!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Mineral Coffee a unique taste a cup of coffee could be

ŪHi everyone,
How do you like your coffee to be early in the morning? I love mine to be full of aroma until it can be smell from a distance. I like mine which is not too sweet and not too bitter.

How about I offer to you a coffee which has unique salty creamy taste? Salty coffee?? U can't find this unique coffee at Starbuck,Coffee bean or your favourite coffee shop.

Introducing the MINERAL COFFEE which is made of :
a) selected high quality robusta coffee bean
b) bamboo salt

What is the benefits of MC?
a) it has high antioxidant - does your regular coffee has this benefit which is good for younger looking skin?

b) it is rich with minerals from bamboo salt such as magnesium,iron,calcium and potassium

c) it revitalises energy and tiredness

d) it eases tension.

So why u need other coffee and not this mineral coffee? Do contact me for business opportunities. Suhaili 012-6842560.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Premium Beautiful Elegance

Oh My Givenchy....Premium Beautiful corset has been upgraded and I am proud to introduce the new series of Premium Beautiful which is Premium Beautiful Elegance...

GLAM was the first group to be invited by Hai-o Marketing during the preview session. Thank you Hai-O and I am so honoured to be part of GLAM.

Premium Beautiful Elegance Characteristic :
1. Material more flexible,and comfortable
2. Upgraded laces and more elegance & sexy.

It will launch soon, so hurry up and book your set now and grab the promotional price.

SUHAILI 012-6842560